Qualities of the Best Ergonomic Chair Brands

Qualities of the Best Ergonomic Chair Brands

With comfort, health, and safety on the line, finding the best ergonomic chair brands seems to be the only solution to improve comfort in the office. But as soon as you search through the web, you will be offered a whole host of brands that could be just overwhelming, or just downright confusing for just about anyone who is shopping for great quality ergonomic chair brands.

There are indeed plenty of ergonomic chair brands to choose from. However, no one chair is best for all.

Some people have preferences that differ from many others, making certain brands not applicable for them. However, there are some qualities that you need to be particular about when choosing among many ergonomic chair brands.

Below are a few qualities or characteristics to look out for when trying to choose the best ergonomic chair brands for your home or office:


A good ergonomic chair should have an adjustable seat height. People come in varying shapes and sizes, and a good ergonomic chair should be able to adjust accordingly. Usually, there is a pneumatic adjustment lever that is available for your convenience.

The average seat height range is usually 16 to 21 inches from the floor to allow the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal to the ground and arms at the desk level.

Width and seat depth

Although typically not adjustable, a good ergonomic seat is roomy enough to fit a person comfortably and deep n=enough to keep the pressure off of the pelvis. The typical seat width that most people can go with is 17 to 20 inches across, and the typical depth that is comfortable for most is about 2 to 4 inches below the back of the knee from the front to the back of the seat, such that a person actually is seated with his or her back against the backrest.

Lumbar curve

Naturally, your lower back is curved forward. Without the proper support of a good ergonomic chair, a person may end up slouching and experiencing lower back pain at the end of the day or after a prolonged period of sitting, since the spine has deviated from its natural curve for such a long time.

A great ergonomic chair’s lumbar support is usually adjustable –from the height to its depth. This allows it to cater to persons’ differences in height and size and optimizes comfort and wellbeing.


Ideally, a good ergonomic chair can be somewhere between 12 to 19 inches at the backrest, and that it should be adjustable in terms of height and angle, especially if it is a separate part. If you would notice, ergonomic chairs typically have a curvier backrest and a longer one compared to ordinary office chairs.

This serves to support the entire length of the spine from the bottom to the neck region, and even the head. Its backrest should also be able to adjust from a forward-backward angle easily.


This element of good ergonomic chair brands is responsible for maintaining a person’s comfort throughout a long day at work. Ideally, breathable natural cloth upholstery is preferred over a plastic or leather cover to avoid heat, compression, and foul odors from sticking into leather.

Some good ergonomic chair brands even have mesh backrests that allow maximum ventilation and promote optimal comfort, especially in hot and humid weather, or for offices that do not have air conditioning.


Just as in all other parts of the ergonomic chair, its armrests should be adjustable according to the arm length and position of its user and the height of a work table. A well-adjusted armrest allows it users to work with ease.

Rotating swivel

Not only is it cool and super fun, but the swivelling motion of a great ergonomic chair can also save you from the hassle to twisting and bending and stretching to reach for the things you need in order to do the things you have to do.

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