Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat  

Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat

Looking for a comfortable, affordable and beneficial ergonomic chair can be as tiring as working the whole day at the office. The variety of products to choose from basing from the quality, purpose and features could bring about thousands of products.

The best thing for you to do is to identify why you need to get one, what do you want for its features and how comfortable you want it to be. Fortunately today, there are some products like the Office Factor’s ergonomic office chairs that are guaranteed to be high quality, with many features and provides a new positive and painless office experience due to its high level of comfort.

An ergonomic chair should not only please your eyes but it should also meet your body’s needs. There are some expensive types of office chairs that look good but don’t give you the right support and comfort.

The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat on the other hand, comes with great aesthetics, features that assists your body to maintain proper posture preventing back and neck pains, stress and strain.

It is also nicely cushioned from the back, down to the arm rest and where you sit. It also has the ability to swing or rotate. The cushion provides your body comfort and ease and the swing or rotating feature along with the wheeled legs allows your body to move around and swing in multiple directions while maintaining comfort, accessibility and posture.


  • The base is fairly large where it provides great stability and sturdiness regardless of the weight of the person sitting. It can bear weight approximately up to 250 pounds.
  • The company or manufacturer of this product offers a 5-year warranty. They are very confident that their product will last long.
  • It has an adjustable armrest you can easily flip up if you want an open and wide access to your sides or down if you want to rest your arms.
  • The height is also adjustable. It can go up to a great height or go down as low as possible when you want depending on the height of your office desk or table.
  • Back support or rest follows the shape of your spine. You could also feel no resistance at all when you lean back.
  • The back of the chair has a great cushion and has a mesh design to keep the air circulating. Prolonged sitting doing your task can make your body sweat, the net-like design helps keep your body cool as it allows the air to pass through nicely.
  • It is inexpensive. There are so many chairs that cost above normal price where you’ll find it hard to reach. It is costly not because of the comfort, support and features but more probably because of the brand name.


  • It has a bonded leather seat that is thick. It is durable and not easy to tear.
  • Highly versatile. It is a chair ideal for office use but it can also work great as an activity chair when doing different arts and crafts.
  • The aesthetics is remarkable. It does not look cheap at all. You’d probably think that it is an expensive office chair.
  • Very affordable ergonomic chair. It is hard to even believe that with its nice features and strong construction.
  • It is guaranteed that each parts combined to make this sweet chair is made from high quality materials as the warranty confidently shows how reliable the product is.
  • This chair requires minimal effort in assembly. It comes with an instruction guide you can easily follow.


  • The chair is can be tall or hard to reach for a short person.
  • Cushioning is a bit too much and is covered with leather which could make you sweat during hot weather.
  • The back part of the chair does not recline so much. It only moves a bit when you lean back making it hard for you when you try to stretch.
  • Armrest is strong and sturdy but the rubber that coats it peels off over a period of time.
  • The chair is entirely black leaving only the chrome-plated parts as the only pop of color.


The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat is a sharp and elegant looking chair at an affordable price. It can compete with other high-class executive office chairs with equal or more benefits.

It can help you with tasks you need to finish due to its remarkable body support. It also has a high level of comfort as all parts including the armrest have cushions. Given the product’s features and advantages, you can simply disregard the minor drawbacks. This would look great to be set in your work or home office as it can be adjusted according to the height or level of your desk easily.

Possible Alternatives

If you do not find this product applicable to you or is way beyond your price range then the BestOffice Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair would probably do you good. It has a much lower price with comparable features and benefits.

It is slightly smaller and wider compared to the Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat but it can still give you the amount of comfort and support that your body needs. It can also reduce a great deal of back and neck pains as it is designed to follow the shape of your body’s spine.


The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair with Bonded Leather Seat is a great product and probably a good investment if you spend most of your time sitting and working on a desk for long hours.

Never have doubts in trying to give yourself comfort and keeping away from pain and other health problems because your body is your investment. This great ergonomic chair will provide you with a new relaxing and comfortable experience as well as maintain good posture at all times.

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