How to Clean Office Chair for Better Work Output

How to Clean Office Chair for Better Work Output

Your chair in the office is your throne that lets you get the job that needs to be done efficiently and effectively. This is why it is very important for individuals who spend long hours at work sitting behind their desks to have a comfortable chair that can provide them the needed back and leg support that they need to prevent muscle strains.

When you find the chair that works best for you, you should keep it and make sure that it is well taken care of. Taking care of your office chair by cleaning and maintaining it in good condition ensures that it will last longer. A clean office chair is not only presentable to the eye but it also makes your working hours more comfortable.

In this article, we will discuss the various tips and techniques on how to clean office chairs effectively and easily.

Why Should You Clean Your Office Chair?

Before anything else, is cleaning your office chair really that important? The answer is plain ‘yes’! Just like every object that we constantly use, office chairs are also prone to dirt and bacteria buildup.

By cleaning your chair regularly, you can get rid of dirt, dust, and even mites that may have settled in on your chair. Cleaning your chair and removing the dirt and bacteria in it can prevent you from having health problems especially if you have health issues.

In addition to removing dirt and bacteria in your chair, cleaning it will make your chair feel like brand new. The cushions will become comfier while the wheels and other fragile parts will prevent it from creaking.

Chairs that have been used for so long tend to lose their durability and flexibility after some time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure that they will last longer while still having the same quality as when you first bought it.

How to Clean Office Chairs

There is no single way of cleaning office chairs especially since there are different materials used with each one. The majority of office chairs have a covering that is made of materials such as mesh, vinyl, fabric, or leather.

There are different cleaning materials that you have to use when cleaning each type of chair covering to avoid destroying them. It is very important to know the material of your office chair covering to know which type of cleaning material you should use.

Before cleaning your office chair, try to locate a tag that contains cleaning instructions that you should use. If there is no tag, refer to the user manual that came with your office chair. These cleaning codes tell you what cleaning materials you should use:

  • W- Stands for water and water-based cleaning products
  • S- Dry Cleaning solvent or water-free product
  • SW- Both water-based or dry cleaning solvent can be used
  • X- For professional cleaning only

After identifying your office chair upholstery material and the cleaning materials that you should use, you should now proceed with the actual cleaning process. Generally, there are simple steps that you should follow when cleaning your office chair:

Don’t let stains stay for days or weeks.

Letting stains such as coffee spills stay for a long period of time will make cleaning them harder.

Frequently vacuum your office chair.

Vacuuming your chair from time to time only takes a few minutes while it can effectively pick up small dirt and particles even across the lining of your chair.

Pre-test a small part of the chair with your cleaning material.

When applying any cleaning solution on your chair’s covering, you should first try applying it on an area that is not noticeable. Doing this prevents fabric discoloration in case the chemical is too strong.

Always clean your chair in a well-ventilated place.

Unless you are simply going to vacuum your chair, do the cleaning outside to prevent your office room from smelling like your toilet.

Use a soft cloth on leather.

Unlike other upholstery materials, leather is quite sensitive since they are prone to scratches and abrasion. Use a wet and soft cloth when cleaning your leather office chair to avoid destroying and scratching its surface.

Clean your chair’s wheels.

Your office chair’s wheels are prone to accumulate dirt, hair and small debris which affect the way the wheels roll and cause them to be stuck. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that the wheels will function perfectly.

Let your office chair dry before use.

After cleaning, you should set aside a few hours or even a whole day to let it dry completely after use. Sitting on your chair before it completely dries will promote molds to accumulate inside the fabric.

Readjust your office chair’s settings.

Most office chairs have adjustable seating heights and armrests. These need to be adjusted after a few months since the bolts and screws may become loose with every use.

Lubricate the wheels and other moving parts.

Ever wondered why office chairs become creaky after using them for months? This is because the screws and bolts have become ‘dry’ and are rubbing hard against each other whenever you move your chair. Regularly lubricating these bolts and your chair’s wheels can make them last longer and work more efficiently.

Contact a professional for deep cleaning.

Of course, you can only do so much to clean and maintain your office chair but sometimes you need to ask for professional help to deep clean your chairs.

This is helpful for office chair owners who have leather chairs or have thickly padded cushioned chairs.  Since you cannot dismantle the whole thing to get into that deeply embedded dirt, you should ask for outside help if needed.

By following these simple and easy to do steps to clean and maintain your office chairs, you can extend the life and performance of your office chairs.

Simple cleaning from time to time, whether by vacuuming or wiping, can ensure that your office ‘throne’ will give you the comfort and support that you need for those long hours of work and sitting that you do.

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