Ergonomic Chairs under 200: What You Need to Look for

Ergonomic Chairs under 200 What You Need to Look for

Having a job that requires you to spend most of your time sitting at a desk or in front of a computer are in fact the kinds of jobs that will tire you fast and cause you some pain. Office or home work or even playing computer games can work out your mind, making it exhausted.

And once your mind tires, your body starts to tire as well but that is just a normal cause and effect. The one thing you should worry about, aside from pain, are potential health problems caused by prolonged sitting.

It is caused by improper sitting position, angle or posture that ordinary seats cannot provide. Buying expensive office or executive chairs is impractical, that is why most people opt to look for ergonomic chairs with reasonable prices to help them make a change in their lifestyle and promote better posture.

Using an ordinary chair for you to sit on the whole day will cause aches on your back, shoulders, buttocks, abdominal area and could even hinder good air and blood circulation.

A well-designed chair on the other hand can support and improve your body’s natural posture that can’t be provided by any traditional or ordinary chairs. It is much comfortable as it is well-cushioned on the right areas and provides back support with the right amount of resistance. The nicest thing about an ergonomic chair is that it has head-and-neck support with its headrest even if you intend to stretch your body out.

There are countless body benefits you can benefit from using ergonomic chairs, but the downside would be that it can cost you a significant amount of money making you think that it’s a bit too much of an investment just for a chair.

Fortunately today, there are now many affordable ergonomic chair products out in the market. It won’t be able to match some of the features of an expensive one but at least it could give you a great deal when it comes to reducing pain and exhaustion. You just need to look for the product with the right criteria.

Things to Consider when Buying Ergonomic Chairs


Make sure that the chair you buy, limited the budget may be, can fit with your preference. It should serve you well and follow the intended purpose of its design. A good example would be buying an ergonomic chair intended for gaming but your purpose is using it for your office. Isn’t that a little ironic? Know the what, when and where of the product you need before you just skip into buying one.


Once in the store, never be afraid nor be ashamed to sit on some of the best ergonomic chairs. It is your right to be able to test the product because it does not come cheap.

Sit on the chair and do some movements forward and backward, sideways from left to right and try to lean on it to check if it can carry your weight. Check if the wheels can roll or slide well and make sure that no matter what angle or position you try to sit, it can carry you well without tipping out of balance.


This is rather an optional factor to consider but if there are many aesthetic options in the store, why not settle for something that is also pleasing to the eye or would match your table or the color of your work office, home office or gaming room. It won’t hurt or cost you much to choose a color and design. Have a little “sense of fashion”, as they say.

Various types will definitely prove to be quite enticing and will give you a hard time to choose, so keep in mind your needs first before other factors to narrow it down. Taking the time to look for a good type and brand of ergonomic chair with excellent functions will surely pay off.

Different Types of Ergonomic Chairs

Saddle Chair

As the name of the chair suggests, it is a chair that looks and has a shape like a horse saddle. This type of ergonomic chair does not provide back support but allows you to maintain an erect position that helps reduce back and shoulder pains.

Task Chair

This type of ergonomic chair is the usual chair you’ll see at an executive office. It is considered to be the most expensive among the types of ergonomic chairs as it provides comfort and support to almost all parts of your body especially your back but less on your feet. The back of the chair is curved that follows the shape of your spine.

Swing Chair

A swing chair looks like your usual task chair but have a unique design in the seat area. It can allow your body to move forward and back freely like a swing. The chair going along with your body movement is a nice way of promoting circulation while you are seated. It also prevents stiffness and strains by moving on the same direction as your body does.

Kneel or Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs are backless chairs that have knee pads on the front supporting your knees. The purpose of this ergonomic chair is to allow your body to lean forward while you do your task or activities while maintaining a good and straight posture of the spine. It is slightly slanted or tilted forward but can keep your body well-balanced.


Ergonomic chairs have never been this much needed as before—from offices, to schools and even homes. This is probably the reason why there is a sudden drop of ergonomic chair prices in the market.

But be warned that price drop comes with consequences such as reduced features from the original intended purpose of the chair and quality. You need to consider so many things before buying an ergonomic chair.

Do your research. Identify the pros and cons of your targeted product, read its reviews and customer’s feedback. For someone who limits the budget, you need to have a product worthy of investment.

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