Ergonomic Chair vs. Normal Chair

Ergonomic Chair vs. Normal Chair

The term “ergonomic” basically means user-friendly in a way that it prevents any harm or avoids injuries and pain during the use of the product. Think “human factors”. In this case, the ergonomic chair is designed primarily for office work since clerks tend to spend a lot of hours sitting down.

This type of chair is designed to give the finest comfort to office employees. But what is the big difference between an ergonomic chair as opposed to a normal chair?

The objective of having an ergonomic chair is to assist the user with his or her posture. Nowadays, people develop all kinds of body pain and health issues due to bad sitting positions and minimal movement.

It can be quite challenging for some to try and correct their sitting positions if they got used to slouching and doing all kinds of poses that they feel comfortable in but are actually bad. A normal chair won’t give much benefit or improve your problem especially because of the fact that sitting is one of the causes of adding stress to your spine.

Normal chairs are fine if you will only occupy it for a short period of time, but if you will sit there for long hours while working—even if you maintain a good posture—eventually you will be exhausted. It is more likely that you will develop back aches, hip pain and all sorts of problems in those areas. In other cases, sitting on a normal chair for a long time can lead to some serious health complications.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

In order to have some clarity regarding ergonomic chairs vs. normal chairs, we will list down some benefits you can get from using ergonomic over traditional ones.

Assists in your sitting posture

Normal chairs are mainly built for simply having a kind of furniture to sit on. It helps when you’re waiting, tired, watching TV, studying, eating and many more but normal chairs don’t focus on aiding the human body with how they sit.

Moreover, it is the main cause of bad posture since when we sit down and there is no support, we end up slouching or bending our backs. This is where an ergonomic chair comes in, it is designed to assist the human body when we sit.

This chair supports our head to our neck and down to our spine while we are sitting. It also comes with an adjustable lever that allows you to increase and decrease its height, control the angle of your knees and elevation of your feet from the floor.

Helps you relax

Ergonomic chairs are user-friendly. It tries to adapt to the human body shape and size with its adjustable features to help you be more comfortable in the chair.


Since the ergonomic chair is user-friendly and designed to helping the human body, it results to more efficiency at work. With its swivel feature and seat wheels, it enables the user to be more mobile and help him perform better in whatever task he needs to get done.

Supports your back

Ergonomic chairs are built with a backrest that is designed in a way to cradle the spine’s natural curve. The backrest of this chair is also made at a length which can accommodate the entire human torso—some even with a reclining function enabling the user to lie down.

Supports your neck

The ergonomic chair is made with a neck support to help the head and neck rest especially during long working hours on a desk or receiving calls. This prevents the cause of stiff necks and shoulder cramps.

Supports your hip

Our hip bone is hard and rounded that when another hard object comes into pressured contact with it, it creates pain. This is what happens when you are sitting on a normal chair that does not fit you comfortably, especially when you have been sitting for a while now, there will be a bit of strain to the hips. The ergonomic chair eliminates that hard part to come in contact with our hip because its seat depth is enough to support your hip bone and below.

Features of an Ergonomic Chair

Now that you know what an ergonomic chair offers and want to purchase one, try to take note of some of these features to help you with your hunt:

Pick an ergonomic chair with an easy adjustable height that can suit your body type. There is no point getting an ergonomic chair that will make you adjust the other way around. Everything should be adjustable from backrest to arm rest.

Along with height adjustment, consider the width and depth of the chair. Overall, the chair should be able to accommodate your body comfortably. Test how the chair rotates, it should absolutely let the user break a sweat when swiveling the ergonomic chair.

Additionally, the product should be stable and durable with high quality materials for obvious reasons. This feature is most crucial since you trust your ergonomic chair to bear your weight and daily activities. Your safety should always be your priority.


Basically, comparing an ergonomic chair against a normal chair is just like the old versus new. The ergonomic chair is an upgraded seating furniture mainly created for people who sit all day while working whether its facing the computer and coding or answering phone calls, doing reports, solving grade sheets, and many more.

Swapping your seats with an ergonomic chair will benefit your body a lot and you’ll start to enjoy your work even more. Despite the benefits and good use of an ergonomic chair, users should not mistake it for much more than what it is.

An ergonomic chair can have many features and can offer a lot indeed, but it is not recommended to be used as an alternative for medical purposes or solution to any health problems. Users should not depend solely on the ergonomic chair for their posture issues but also be responsible for the way they sit and do their work.

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