Ergonomic Chair VS Normal Chair: Which is Better for You?

Ergonomic Chair VS Normal Chair  Which is Better for You

What type of chair suits you? You may be asking this chair over and over again especially if you are looking for a model that you can use for home or office use.  You may have the general preference of being comfortable whenever you are seating but you just can’t figure out which one is best among hundreds of choices.

You may have narrowed down your list of choices to the category of office chairs but face yet again another question of whether you should get an ergonomic chair or a normal one.

Scientific studies have shown that employees and individuals that sit behind their desks for hours every single day on an uncomfortable chair are more likely to develop long-term health problems. This is because chairs that do not provide proper support on your body will cause neck, back, and leg strain.

As such, more and more offices and individuals who work at home are recommended to switch their normal chairs to ergonomic office chairs to promote good body posture for better work output.

Here are some of the points with regard to the battle between an ergonomic chair and a normal chair:

Normal Chairs are great for your interior’s look.

Normal chairs often come in various shapes and sizes that are quite appealing to the eye. This is perhaps the reason why office and homeowners often purchase normal chairs.

However, their appealing look cannot suffice if you are going to sit on it for a long period of time since it can cause muscles strain. Normal chairs can be used in the office if you are going to use it only for short meetings and the like.

Ergonomic office chairs provide support on your back.

An important factor to sitting well for long hours at work is when the natural curves of your spine are fully supported.

A common problem that is faced by normal chair users in the office is that they experience back and neck pain after seating for more than an hour behind their desks. This makes them uncomfortable and unable to excel in their work.

Ergonomic chairs have backrests that are specially made to fit the natural contours of your spinal cord. They are shaped inward along the neck area, outward curved along the mid-back, and an inward curve at the waist area. These special designs of ergonomic chairs are perfect for individuals who have to sit around for hours every day.

Ergonomic chairs let you move around with ease.

Because of the swivel feature and sturdy base that has built-in wheels, ergonomic chairs lets you move and rotate your chair to easily reach things on your table without straining your muscles.

A chair that lets you move around easily is a great choice if you have a long table for work or if you have to switch between working on your computer and writing things down. Instead of lifting your chair from time to time to reach things, you can easily roll your chair around without any hassle.

Ergonomic chairs can be adjusted according to your body’s needs.

A single chair cannot fit all body types. This is why ergonomic chairs have adjustable backrests, seat height, and armrests. This lets users adjust the chair according to the height and angle that is most appropriate for them.

A correct seat height is essential in maintaining a proper posture and minimizes leg strain since your feet are firmly flat on the floor.

With normal chairs, you have no option to adjust it according to your need. This is why most normal chair users purchase external backrests or even prop up pillows to make their seating a little comfortable.

Both types of chairs have a standard seat width and depth.

Most chair manufacturers follow a standard width and depth that fits an average person’s size. A chair’s usual width is between 17-20 inches while its depth should be enough to enable its user to lay his back flat on the backrest.

Still, there are some individuals who do not fit the standard seat width and depth which is why they may still feel uncomfortable.

An ergonomic chair also has a standard seat width and depth but it lets you adjust this easily just in case your body is not “average”. This means that your chair will fit your body no matter what your height may be.

Both chairs have different seat materials that aim to provide comfort.

Both the ergonomic and normal chairs have padding in the seat to provide cushioning and comfort. This aims to minimalize muscle strain on the butt when sitting for long hours.

However, ergonomic chairs are specially designed to have padded backrests for a more comfortable seating. Most ergonomic chairs that are thickly padded are upholstered in leather or some other cloth fabric that makes it sturdy and at the same time, comfortable.

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrests.

In the same manner that an ergonomic chair’s backrest and seat height can be adjusted to fit your body’s height and structure, ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrests that you can tilt and move depending on your preference.

While some normal chairs can have armrests, these are often locked in a permanent position and can sometimes be a bother for users if they just get in the way.

As such, there is no question that ergonomic chairs are the best option for office use especially if you are going to spend long hours sitting on it.

Even though purchasing an ergonomic chair can be a little costlier than having to use a normal chair that you have lying around, the benefits of having an ergonomic chair is astounding.

With an ergonomic chair, your back, legs, and whole body are seated in a comfortable manner while your posture is also maintained.

Having a great chair that lets your body stay in a comfortable position even after long hours of work will surely let your produce the best work output that is not hindered by muscle or joint pains brought by uncomfortable seating.

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