BestOffice Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair with Metal Base

BestOffice Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair with Metal Base

Working all long hours at the office or home is very tiring. By the end of day, you feel sore, feel the strain and pain in different parts of your body. You’d feel that you have consumed all your energy and won’t have enough left to do any activities or chores.

And you start to wonder, why is it that a job where you sit all day could leave your body in such conditions? The reason behind that mystery lies with the chair you’ve been sitting on. By using regular or ordinary chairs, you’ll notice they have no other features than to keep your feet from tiring from standing all day bearing your own weight.

What if I told you you’ll need less back, neck, arm and body effort to support and maintain a good posture with the Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair by BestOffice? Not to mention better circulation, too.

An ergonomic chair is not just for aesthetic purposes or to brighten and beautify your office. It serves a specific purpose for a person who sits long hours, working at an office. It is the one you often see in the offices of executives, director, chiefs and other high ranking officers and officials in both government and private sectors.

The Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair has proper cushioning. It offers hand, back and neck support. The back part is designed to follow the shape and position of your spine, not like with an ordinary chair that is rigid and straight. It follows the movement of your body and gives it enough space.

This type of chair does not come with the same price like regular or ordinary chairs but fortunately, if you plan on investing on one, the Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair is a new and effective product available at a reasonable price.


  • This chair swivels wherein you can move around without having to feel it resisting. It moves along the same direction where your body moves making your turns very easy and comfortable.
  • It has an adjustable feature where you can adjust the height of the chair. There is a lever located underneath. Pulling the lever releases the locks. The chair, by default, goes up to the maximum height. When you gently pull the lever while sitting on it, it will allow you to position it at a height you prefer.
  • The cushioned seat is 18 inches wide and 19 inches in diameter. This is enough space for your buttocks. The cushion provides comfort, good air and blood circulation.
  • It has a back size of about 17 inches in width and 20 inches in height, enough for your entire back to occupy. It is made strongly and leaning won’t break it. The back has a unique design of mesh or a net-like structure or with tiny holes. This is to allow for proper air circulation.


  • The quality from top to bottom is outstanding. The fabrics used in the cushions are of high quality. It does not tear easily. The same goes with the durability of the armrest and the legs. It can carry a heavyweight person while maintaining its functions well. It can serve you for a very long time.
  • It requires minimal assembly. There is a complete and well-illustrated instructions manual with images of how to assemble it properly. It is easy to understand and very easy to follow.
  • This chair unlike any other is very affordable. For a small and reasonable price, the product can compete with other expensive brands.
  • It provides your entire body with great comfort and support. You can lean back on it with a non-resistant feeling.
  • You can adjust the chair’s height according to the height of your desk with just one pull of the lever located underneath the chair.


  • The armrest position or design makes the seat very narrow for movement. You cannot move your legs freely or keeps you from spreading your legs as the armrest keeps you from doing that.
  • It could carry a heavy person but it cannot fit a large person very well because of the seat size.
  • The adjustable height feature may be great but the height limit is not. It is a chair impossible to level with a high office table.


The Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair is the best economic ergonomic chair as it is very affordable and easy to avail. For a lesser price, the chair holds so many features and benefits that could make your office work easier and more comfortable.

It is a chair perfect for hot weather— the back part is well-ventilated, creating an air flow to regulate the heat and keep your body oxygenated. There is also an adjustment feature so that you can raise the seat up or lower it down to level with your table. In short, the features and benefits you will have outweigh the cons, making it a very nice purchase.

Possible Alternatives

There are many chairs you can avail to be an alternate product replacing this amazing task chair. If this is not your type or goes beyond your style, you can opt for a different type of ergonomic chair such as the saddle chair, swing chair or kneeling chair to go with what purpose you want for a chair.

You can also have the executive ergonomic office chairs by Office Factor. They can be more pleasing to the eye due to its very elegant aesthetics and countless more features but it also comes at a great price compared to the Black Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair by BestOffice.


The product is a very nice and affordable investment that can help get rid of those pains and strains for such a low and affordable price. This is one of the best-selling products with so many good feedbacks from satisfied customers. It will definitely give you what you deserve and a whole new comfortable office experience. This product is highly recommended to those who are in need of a quality ergonomic task chair.

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